Crystals For Self Care

Crystals For Self Care

Knight Crystals Tailor Skincare

Self-care can come in many forms, today we wanted to share a few magical treasures from Mother Nature that you can add to your self-care and wellness routines.

You may have seen them popping up in your social feed more and more over the last few years, crystals are making a comeback and these gifts from the earth are here to help. Whether you believe in the magic or not they still make stunning home decor pieces and jewellery. They will be there helping you energetically behind the scenes to become the best, well-balanced version of yourself.

Here are a few of our favourite stones that we recommend for self-care and wellness.

First thing I'd like to address is, with crystals, size doesn’t matter! You can work with a tiny tumble or a large rough chunk and still get the same energetic healing from both. Smaller pieces are handy to keep in your bra or pocket, larger pieces look lovely in your home or a mid sized piece is perfect to hold onto. Either way whatever you choose will be just the right thing for you.

cleansing crystal for selfcare

Rose Quartz Crystal 

It’s highly likely you know what this one looks like. It’s pink and oh so pretty, it’s your go-to Stone for all things love and has such a gentle and nurturing vibe to it. You’ll often see it in the form of facial rollers or Gua Sha that you can use in your skincare routine. If that's not quite your thing, don't worry, you’ll find just as much magic in a rough or polished piece.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, kindness and compassion. It radiates pure loving energy, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments. It teaches you to love others, but most importantly to love yourself. It soothes the body and mind and can greatly relax tension in the emotional body. It reminds you to let go of worry, to trust yourself and to lean into those that are here to support you.

Key Tip to using Rose Quartz for self-care and wellness.

You can use Rose Quartz in the form of a facial roller or Gua Sha as mentioned above. Facial tools are a great way to reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines and promote lymphatic drainage. Tools like this are best used with a facial oil like Tailor Oil Cleanse or Tailor Illume.

Alternatively you can pick out a nice sized crystal, run a hot bath and add some salts, place your rose Quartz on the edge of the bath or in the bath with you to infuse the energy. Sink back, relax and soak in the energy of love.


Smoky Quartz Crystal

We love Smoky Quartz, it’s like a filter for negative energy. It’ll take those bad vibes, filter them out, send them back to the earth and punch out some positive ones instead. Smoky Quartz will gently centre you in the present moment, while protecting and grounding your energy. It allows you to flow with life and accept when change needs to happen in order to move forward. Smoky Quartz dissolves and filters negative energies and emotional blockages, allowing positive frequencies to take their place. A gentle healer, Smoky Quartz brings a sense of stability to your life and anchors you to the earth by activating and working with your Root Chakra.


Tip for working with Smoky Quartz

You can sit a piece on your desk while you work to help you during the day, or find some time for yourself and holding your piece of Smoky Quartz close your eyes and focus on your breath, picture everything that’s bothering you being absorbed and dissolved by the Smoky Quartz. Meditate for a few minutes just breathing and taking some time to settle your mind.

Sunstone Crystal 

sun stone crystal for healing body

This little powerhouse packs a punch of positivity. Boosting your mood is an important part of wellness and Sunstone can help you get there. Sunstone helps you to tap into your inner fire, your personal power and your joy. It shines a light on new opportunities and allows your radiant energy to shine through. It boosts your self-esteem and provides a gentle healing energy while clearing and energising all of your chakras. Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence and is a very good stone for those who have trouble saying 'no'. Just remember no is a complete sentence some days.

Tip for working with Sunstone

The best way to work with sunstone crystals is by keeping a tumble or Palm Stone in your pocket or have a piece out where you can see it to remind you to smile! 


Lepidolite Crystal

lepidolite crystal for postive energy

So as well as keeping your mood up, sometimes your mind can get the best of you and thoughts can start racing. Lepidolite is one of our favourite stones for this, it’s like a little purple therapist. Lepidolite is an excellent stone at dissolving negative and anxious thoughts from your mind. It brings a strong vibration of peace and allows you to surrender your worries to the universe then sink into a state of relaxation. It encourages compassion and teaches you to listen to the wisdom that is radiating from your heart space. Lepidolite can help shift you into a higher vibration when you are experiencing upsetting emotions. It reminds you that self-care is always a top priority.

How to work with Lepidolite

Keep a Lepidolite crystal under your pillow at night or with you during the day. When your mind needs easing, grab it and hold it close and take a moment to practice some breathing exercises and absorb it's positive energy.  

Self Care Crystals

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer stone, it moves swiftly to remove blockages in your energetic field and amplifies the energy of other stones. It brings a clear understanding to your current situation and sheds light on the things that need to be healed.

How to work with Clear Quartz

Lay down in a comfortable position and put on some relaxing music on. Take a piece of Clear Quartz and either sit it in the centre of your forehead or just above your head. Focus on your breath and imagine a pure white light radiating from the stone, filling you up from head to toe. Imagine you’re being washed clear from anything that doesn’t serve your highest good or wellbeing. Take a few moments to tune into the stone and accept all that it has to offer. When you’re finished be sure to go outside and ground yourself, feel your feet on the earth. Sometimes working with higher vibrational stones can leave you feeling a little ungrounded so it’s important to “come back to earth” afterwards.

Knight Crystals Tailor Skincare


healing crystal for self care and self love

Carnelian offers stability when you are doubting yourself. It encourages you to free yourself from what is holding you back and to embody your true and authentic self. It releases blockages and encourages independence. Carnelian helps you to reach your goals and eliminates self-sabotaging thoughts. It stimulates creativity and inspires positive thinking. Carnelian is said to help with fertility and balances the energy that radiates from your Sacral Chakra. A stone of protection & motivation. Carry carnelian when you’re feeling like you need a bit of a power up.


And finally something to protect our energy as too often we just don’t realise how much other people can be draining us and we need to say enough is enough! That’s where Black Tourmaline comes in, it’s your energetic body guard. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline protects your energy and removes those unwanted negative thoughts. It is a grounding stone and gives you a sense of security. A powerful protector against negative energy, carry it with you to increase self confidence and alleviate fear.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal after working with it so it doesn’t store unwanted energy! Most crystals are easily cleansed by either a rinse under water, sacred smoke or leaving it out under the full moon. You can find more information about crystal cleansing on the Knight Inspired website.


That’s just a small look into a few crystals that can help your self care and wellness.

Self care often comes in different forms, from looking after your physical body to looking after your energetic one. It’s all about staying in balance as much as you can, breathing through it all and knowing that everything is going to be alright.


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