Our new Face of Tailor 2021

We’ve been on the hunt for a new brand ambassador - our Face of Tailor - to help us spread the word of what TRUE beauty is really about.

"To us, beauty is about health, self-confidence, self-love and just being an all-round good human. True beauty is about being kind to yourself, others, and our planet."

To enter, our candidates told us what true beauty means to them. They also shared with us their favourite charity, to which they would be able to donate $5,000 of Tailor products to. 

Top 10 Face of Tailor finalists 

The #tailortribe had the chance to read each candidate's definition of beauty, and voted for their favourite to be the next Face of Tailor. The top 10 had such amazing stories, you can learn more about them by following them on social. 

top 10 face of tailor

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Face of Tailor judging panel

Our judging criteria was simple, we are looking for a person who embodies Tailor. A person who is empowered, confident and kind to animals, others, and the planet. We wanted to ensure that the winner would be able to take full advantage of the opportunity to share their story with the Tailor Tribe. 

Wondering who helped choose the Face of Tailor? Here's a quick bio:

Ash Cometti has spent the past eight years writing about all things beauty for some of the country’s most esteemed magazine titles, including New Zealand Weddings, Remix, and Viva. A beauty junkie at her core, Ash's penchant for skincare, haircare, and makeup transcends her weekly Viva beauty column. More than that, she's on a mission to shine a spotlight on values-driven brands that factor in ingredient transparency, sustainability, circularity and ethics in their production and manufacturing practices. Ash is extremely excited to be welcomed onto the panel for this year's Face Of Tailor search, and hopes to discover a new face with an important message to share.
clique fitnessCarena and Bex West started the successful women’s compression wear brand CLQ Fitness in late 2017. Sisters and friends, they both came into the business with marketing and design backgrounds, and have worked together to create a brand that celebrates, embraces and empowers women all over the globe. Carena and Bex are excited to be judges for Face Of Tailor!



Patrina and past winner

Petrina Chai was the last winner of the Face of Tailor. She moved to New Zealand 16 years ago, where she learned to embrace herself and really began to understand what beauty means.

Petrina is a glass half full, look at the silver lining and count your blessings kind of woman.

This positive outlook has come in handy through some tough times. From the Christchurch earthquake through to some major health struggles; being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and having autoimmune flare-ups of psoriasis and dermatitis. "I'm still learning and growing from my experiences and I'm looking forward to seeing what this future of mine holds." said Petrina. 

When asked what it meant to be announced the Face of Tailor, Petrina said,

"It was a fantastic way to have the work I have been and am continuing to do on myself recognised and, it was also the most exciting form of validation - I AM a ray of f*cking sunshine, I put myself out there, and it was acknowledged on such a huge level, by a brand and a team that I love and have the highest respect for."

Our Face of Tailor winner

After careful consideration, we're excited to announce our new Face of Tailor, Danielle Cavanagh

Our panel of judges selected Danielle for her genuine attitude and her compelling story telling ability. Bex from Clique went on to say, "she is really relatable for a lot of women, she genuinely cares about how others see themselves." Petrina added "she’s a complete vibe", and all the judges felt that she would fully take advantage of the opportunities given to her.

Ashleigh put it best when she said, "beauty is shown in those real and raw moments, and that’s something she really champions. Her content shares family values and information about her endometriosis."

The judges agreed that beauty comes from within and that Danielle is a real overcomer, so we’re excited to celebrate her and support Endometriosis NZ.


When asked why she entered to become the Face of Tailor, she said: 

"I absolutely love Tailor Skincare, their drive to provide high quality, cruelty free products that don’t negatively impact the environment is so admirable. I also wanted to do something out of my normal comfort zone. Raising two young kids has taught me to live my life without creating unnecessary boundaries for myself that are fear based and when I heard about the search I got really excited to be apart of it!"

She is looking forward to encouraging others to be their most authentic self and shifting the narrative around beauty to be about your self-care, self-confidence, and self-love! 

Danielle chose to support Endometriosis NZ as her charity. She shared,

"My endometriosis journey has been a rough one, just like many others. Having a place to go for that important information and support was something that got me through some really hard times. I will always want to support them and the great work they do."

Once we gave Danielle the great news, she was so excited and moved to tears. She went on to say,

"So excited to help share the Tailor way of loving every part of yourself unconditionally. Beauty to me is caring for yourself and valuing the way you feel about yourself rather than what anyone else might think. It's about letting your inner light shine through because that’s exactly where your beauty comes from. Being picked was such a shock! The people who entered and their chosen charities are all so wonderful so I feel incredibly humbled by it too!"

The Tailor Team are pleased to support Endometriosis NZ and provide a platform for Danielle to share her story.

None of this would be possible without our amazing brand partners who shared the following prizes: 


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