How To Brew The Perfect Morning Coffee With Mojo

But first, Coffee.
Let’s be honest, most of us rely on our morning coffee to feel awakened, energised and ready to start the day.  
coffee has anti ageing properties
To celebrate the launch of our new caffeine infused eye cream, Awaken, we’ve collaborated with our friends Mojo Coffee to bring you a delicious Brazilian single-origin coffee. To be enjoyed in a beautiful hand-crafted Tajimi ceramic cup, from our friends at Acme.
We love this morning ritual of a smooth, creamy-bodied coffee paired with this caffeine-infused eye cream. It’s perfect to help you feel (and look) bright-eyed, hydrated, and motivated for the day.
We sat down with Katie Hammond, Manager at Mojo’s Café located on 1 Market Lane, Wellington for a quick chat about her morning routine and how to make a great cup of Mojo Coffee. 

What does your morning routine look like?

In the morning, I enjoy walking to work to get some fresh air unless it’s raining sideways with a southerly in Wellington!

I turn on the lights, warm the coffee machine and prepare all the fresh baked goods in our cabinet for the day. I love calibrating the coffee machine and tasting the coffee as I go. I then take a moment to make myself the perfect cup before the morning rush.

drinking coffee

What’s your morning go to brew method?

For me, It’s hard to beat a Versato, basically a flat white topped up with hot water!

What are your top tips to making a great cup of Coffee at home?

The key tips for me would be:

Use freshly roasted coffee. If you can get them directly from the roastery or your favourite café is best. Then you know it’s as fresh as it gets.

Use measured brewing ratios and a timer. Consistency is key to making a great cup of coffee and by following a recipe you can be sure that the coffee you make will be balanced every time.

Here’s Mojo Coffee’s recommendation for brewing a plunger at home:

  1. Fill your jug with fresh, filtered water and flick it on.
  2. After the jug boils, pour some water into your plunger to warm it up, swirl it round, then tip it out
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of coffee per person, and 1 for the pot (let's keep it simple, you haven't had a coffee yet!)
  4. Pour around 1 cup of hot water per tablespoon of coffee into the plunger
  5. Pop the lid on the plunger and gently push down until all the grinds are submerged under water
  6. Set your timer for 5 mins
  7. When time is up, fully plunge and pour your freshly brewed coffee into your cup
  8. Keep it classic or add milk, cream and/or and get ready to kick off a great day!

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