What the heck is bagasse?

The cat is out of the bag: we’ve launched our exciting and innovative Compostable Carton!

After marvelling at its beauty, you might be left with a few questions. Namely, what the heck is bagasse?! It may look and feel a lot like paper but don’t be fooled - bagasse is better. Let’s break it down...

What is bagasse made from?

The first, and most important question! Bagasse comes from sugarcane fibres, which are extracted from sugarcane stalks through juicing. Being the waste byproduct of the world’s largest agricultural crop, it’s produced in abundance; more than 54 millions tonnes are produced each year. Two thirds of these crops were considered waste, so repurposing into packaging reduces waste and reduces consumption of virgin materials - win win!

How does bagasse compare to paper?

While bagasse looks a lot like paper, it’s an ecoconsious step up. Bagasse is an annually renewable source, meaning it takes one  year to grow and harvest - whereas trees can take over 30 years. Manufacturing bagasse uses drastically less energy, only using heat and water. When producing traditional paper, to produce 1000kg of pulp, it takes 5000kgs of wood. For bagasse, it only takes 1500kg.
Still not convinced? No problem, we saved the best for last...Bagasse is compostable and recyclable. 

Is bagasse home compostable?

Yes! Ever been excited about your compostable packaging, only to realise you need to get it to a commercial composter? That’s not the case with bagasse, it will break down in a healthy home compost bin; a bin with moisture, heat, oxygen and microorganisms. All you need to do is remove the stickers and you’re good to go.
No compost bin? No worries! Our Compostable Carton can be recycled with cardboard, so there’s no need for it to end up in a landfill. Empty Cartons also make cute seedling planters, which can be planted straight into your garden.

In case you missed it, we also launched our Compostable Refills earlier this year. They now come in the Compostable Carton for your ultimate low-waste skincare top up.

Keen to learn more, like why we made the switch or why only certain products are available in the Compostable Carton? Read our Q + A with Tailor Founder + CEO, Sara.

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