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Your Blend is nostalgic for a lot of our #tailortribe; for many it was their first product from Tailor. A lot have been asking why it has been discontinued? And what can be used instead to get the benefits of the extracts?
Why discontinue Your Blend? As Tailor grew and advanced, we took the extracts you loved and developed them into more powerful, concentrated stand-alone products.

What can be used to get the benefits of the extracts? Keep reading to find out what ingredients made up each extract, and what product is now designed as a concentrated version to address the same concerns.

Regardless of the extracts you used, we recommend Moisture in place of Your Blend. Moisture made up the base of Your Blend, making it the perfect replacement. 

Extract 1 contained alpine willow herb, an antibacterial antioxidant that helps to balance oily skin by controlling sebum production. In place of extract 1, give Polish a try. It has fast-acting bentonite clay to soak up excess oils and pumice powder to gently buff away dry, dead skin. It can be used every second day as an exfoliating scrub, as a weekly detox mask and as an overnight spot treatment.  

Extract 2 contained essential phytonutrients and provided a balance of fatty acids to moisturise the skin. Normal to combination skin needs both water and oil in a moisturiser, so to replace extract 2, try Hydrate. This is an oil-free water-based gel that is super hydrating (hence the name), plumping and soothing. This can be used before or mixed with Moisture (which provides the oils needed).

Extract 3 contained plant polysaccharides which provide 24hr hydration while still being lightweight and without clogging pores. The good news is Moisture contains these same polysaccharides, so you can expect the same lightweight feeling without compromising on hydration. The better news is you can apply or mix it with Oil Cleanse for a nourishing and moisturising boost. Dry skin needs oil while dehydrated skin is lacking water. Moisture is water-based, making it great for dehydrated skin. While it does contain some oil, dry skin loves the added boost of mixing a drop or two of Oil Cleanse with a pump of Moisture.


Like extract 1, it contained alpine willow herb- but in a double dose. In addition to being antibacterial and balancing sebum production, it was also soothing and anti-inflammatory. like extract 1, we recommend you replace extract 4 with Polish. As well as having bentonite clay to soak up oil and pumice powder to buff away dead skin, it also contains wintergreen extract. This ingredient is key for breaking down deep congestion to clear your pores.
While you can't shrink your pores, when you remove congestion, impurities and dead skin cells, your pores will appear to be smaller.


Extract 5 contained kakadu plum extract, an antioxidant with a high concentration of Vitamin C. Being the most popular extract, we carefully created a product even more highly concentrated and powerful to achieve even better results. Gold Dust is a blend of pure active ingredients - ascorbic acid (natural vitamin c) and CoQ10. these two ingredients work synergistically to brighten skin while reducing hyperpigmentation and scarring. It also boosts collagen production, resulting in plump skin and less fine lines. Many customers paired extracts 5 + 6 for maximum results - try using Gold Dust with Renew for the same results intensified.

Extract 6 contained vegan probiotic lysate, which stimulates the skin's natural renewal process, encouraging strengthened skin for reduced sensitivity and improved resilience. In place of extract 6, Renew is the perfect replacement. It contains the same probiotic lysate, but in a more concentrated dose - 3 times higher in fact! In addition to this, Renew contains antioxidant rich grape seed extract, which defends the skin against UV free radical damage and improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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