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Beautiful skin begins with Tailor Skincare

The Tailor Skincare story unofficially began in 2011 when Sara Quilter – founder and CEO of Tailor Skincare –  was working for a cutting edge organic fertilizer company in Grass Valley, California. While educating herself on how healthy soil acts as its own ecosystem with minerals and electrolytes working together to nourish plants and help them grow, Sara discovered the similarities within the benefits of raw foods and how natural materials nourish our bodies, particularly our largest organ…the skin.

This path led her to question what she was putting into her body and onto her skin. After finding out what was actually going into her skincare products, and potentially into her body, she had her “hallelujah” moment when she poured a brand new bottle of purple toning solution down the drain and said “That’s it, I’m going to try and make my own products.” Like all excited young entrepreneurs, Sara started mixing up all kinds of potions and found that some were good and some were… well, let’s just say they are a little different to the Tailor Skincare products our fans know and love today..

Upon her return to New Zealand, Sara began the hunt for a local source of bentonite clay, finding it in Hawke’s Bay. She had discovered through her research that bentonite clay was an exciting material because of its detoxifying and healing properties. Inspired by her work across the Pacific and fueled by her growing passion for skin “nutrition,” she found herself creating the Tailor Masque. She turned her father’s shed into a mini laboratory and began mixing up small batches of the signature product with her Kenwood cake mixer and rubber spatula out in suburban Taranaki.

To date, Tailor Skincare now has seven products which can be combined in different ways to suit all skin types. Dare we say: Tailor Made?

Sara takes great pride in her products and in choosing good, quality, natural ingredients – nothing is ever tested on animals. She personally samples all of her ingredients before they are approved for her recipes.

“My focus is always going to be on finding the best,” Sara says. “No two ingredients are the same. Where I get them from and the nutrition they can offer our skin is very important to me.”

Today, Tailor Skincare is a successful grassroots company based in Wellington, New Zealand,  with a range of products “tailored” to suit all skin types. Tailor Skincare is only made with ingredients that work synergistically with the skin’s natural process, thus promoting healthy, well-balanced skin.

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Tailor’s 3 founding principles


Ingredient quality will be held as our top priority. Tailor Skincare formulas will be made with natural ingredients for healthy looking skin. Ingredients will be sourced locally where possible and from suppliers with fair working conditions when sourced further afield. Tailor Skincare will ensure every single batch is made at a high quality manufacturing standard.


Tailor will strive to make environmentally responsible business decisions. Packaging materials will be recycled, recyclable or reusable. All online orders will be sent out in recycled cardboard packages and boxes. Ingredients will be sourced from local suppliers where possible.


No animals will be harmed in the making of Tailor Skincare products. Tailor products will only be tested on humans.