w/ Katie + Michaela




A note from Katie + Michaela...
"Āhei is a social enterprise that’s helping people uncomplicate their relationship with food and their bodies. Āhei promotes positive and inclusive wellbeing - especially mental health - and works on dismantling diet culture and weight stigma. 
Co-founders Katie and Michaela met serendipitously and realised their lived experiences, coupled with their expertise and passion, could be shared to help others. They launched Āhei almost a year ago, with a dream to enable people to live in their bodies and do things that might change the world, not their weight."

Āhei plans to use the $2,000 grant towards their current project; designing their evidence-based school programme to support young people at their most vulnerable age for developing disordered eating. By helping tamariki and rangatahi to develop a healthy and healing relationship with food and their bodies, they’re more likely to have stronger self-confidence, body image and resilience. Katie and Michaela are already piloting the programme in local Waikato schools and excitingly, are finding positive outcomes across all evaluation measures.
The grant will support Āhei to pilot the programme in schools that might not have ability to fund the workshops themselves, but need them the most (by definition, Āhei means to enable, be possible and be accessible!). Some of the grant will also go towards creating beautiful resources that maximise the learning and wellbeing outcomes for young people. As a start up social enterprise with huge aspirations, this grant will help Āhei to continue the important work to be done in teaching young people to feel at home in their bodies.