w/ Lucy, Selina, Kophie + Ruby


A note from The Conscious Club...
"The Conscious Club is a series of sustainable and ethical events spreading awareness and education around ethical and sustainable issues. We are a team of four wahine with diverse backgrounds. We all met through social media because we all shared the same values for our own small businesses on our environmental impact and soon came to realise that we were all based in Christchurch.
The Conscious Club is important to us because climate change, inequality and poverty are causes that we need to address to create change for the future. As awareness of these issues increases our platform evolves. People are beginning to care more about the planet we live in and want to educate themselves on how to contribute to change."

The Conscious Club plans to use the $2,000 grant to continue running markets and pop-up shops promoting local makers and a sustainable and ethical lifestyle, and our chat series to educate our communities for a more sustainable future and put us ahead financially so that we can plan bigger and better events. We would love to work on a fashion show, highlighting local and sustainable fashion designers. We plan to partner with life in vacant spaces to find an empty building to use for the event, bringing life and excitement to Christchurch communities and empty spaces in the CBD. This event would not only promote and benefit local ethical and sustainable fashion designers but also educate the wider audience about the fashion industry, fast fashion and the devastating effects it has on the environment and developing countries. In doing this we hope to spread awareness and change thought patterns when in comes to fashion choices. Within the ever evolving city that is Christchurch, we hope to foster awareness and inspire change.