w/ Abbey Fouche



 A note from Abbey...
"The Mum's Clique was created because I saw an urgent need. So many mothers left unsupported and slipping through the cracks of our broken system; not getting the help they need and often feeling alone and in way over their head. I have four kids and have been through alot raising them...from teen pregnancy, domestic violence, premature twins and an allergy/unhappy baby. This mission is so close to my heart as I can already see the huge impact we are creating already, in such a short time. Our goal is to become a household name and to be able to support every mother in New Zealand by providing them with referrals, appropriate resources, and empowering and educating them to be the best mother they can be, all while feeling supported. 

In a nutshell we "Support New Zealand women through motherhood". What does that look like? We provide support hampers to mothers in need, to let them know that we care and that we are here if they need us. These mothers are often referred by worried friends, family members, other organisations or health care professionals. We speak with the mother to find out how we can best support them; providing them with a local buddy support network of other mums, referring them for domestic violence support, mental health support, in home support. It looks a little different for everyone as no two cases are the same, sometimes they need a support hamper and a hug, along with a shoulder to cry on is enough....and sometimes they need much more than that - and that's okay too. We also run educational and social events, have a stream of honest and knowledgeable blogs on our website, work with brands to form honest reviews and are constantly giving away products to our mums thanks to the fantastic brand support we have. We really are one huge community."

The Mum's Clique plans to use the $2,000 grant towards producing and printing our resources guide. This guide will be available to every mother in New Zealand and will be a list of every service or support network available to them. Every organisation from in home help, counseling, domestic violence support, to where to go if you are suffering from mental illness and much much more. A full list of all of the support services, available in one place. Nothing like this exists and we have found so many of our mothers don't even know where to start if they need help. In a recent survey we have conducted we have concluded that 75% of mothers in New Zealand are not aware of the resources and support options that are available for them to access and 91% of mothers would utilise this service if it was available to them.  We would also like to run more Infant/Child CPR/First Aid courses for our mothers- this is so important to us as it could literally save their child's life.