Noir Dust


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Tailor Noir Dust is a multifunctional activated charcoal powder in a portable size perfect for personal use.

Tailor Noir Dust is an activated charcoal derived by burning carbon-rich coconut shells at very high temperatures to create charcoal. Which is then “activated” through a special steam process that creates millions of tiny pores in the charcoal particles, increasing surface area and available binding sites. Unlike other charcoals which may contain toxic residues Tailor Noir Dust is pure and natural.

Designed to be combined with Tailor products to detox and purify your complexion.

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Mix a generous pinch in your hand;
with Polish for a deeply cleansing and detoxifying treatment mask
with Hydrate for a hydrating facial treatment mask
Apply lightly over face and neck avoiding eyes.
Remove thoroughly after cleansing and masking.


Once mixed use immediately discarding any excess premixed product.
If irritation occurs discontinue use.
Keep remaining powder dry with lid closed to keep it fresh.

Activated Carbon (charcoal).


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