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    I have been on a pill called Oratane for my acne for the past 4 weeks and the most frustrating symptom of being on it is the horrendous dry lips. I have religiously been using Tailor Balm and its so good! I don’t go anywhere without it nearby – Seriously! It moisturises and hydrates my lips and people cant even tell they are dry even though they are. LOVE IT!

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    I love how soothing this balm is on my lips, and nice knowing there are no nasty chemicals in it!

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    For those of you in a similar boat to me, you’ll understand this!
    Over the last month, I’ve been taking pills for my acne, and most of you will know that the biggest symptom is dry lips.
    I’ve tried everything, from Chap Sticks, the Nivea range, eco ranges, and the most raw and natural lip care products on the market.
    Nothing compares to this balm, and I whole heartedly mean that.
    You don’t have to use much at all and it feels really really hydrated for extended periods of time.
    As a comparison, I use Hurraw too, on the days that I leave my Tailor Balm in my other hand bag, and I literally apply the Hurraw every hour, and the Tailor balm lasts atleast 3-4 times longer.
    I’m really obsessive and lately, really self conscious about my dry lips, and honestly, this will be the best $17 you’ve spent. The amount in the container will last a very long time!

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