Tailor Essentials

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Your full size daily skincare essentials

  • Remove makeup and gently cleanse morning and night with Tailor Oil Cleanse.
  • Exfoliate and mask every other day with Tailor Polish.
  • Feed your skin morning and night with Tailor Moisture.

Suitable for all skintypes.

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  1. Lisa

    I’ve never had really bad acne but the breakouts that I was getting used to make me feel very self conscious and id always leave the house with a full face of make up. I started using Tailor about 7 months ago and the changes it made to my skin were amazing. The whole tone changed, my skin was full of moisture, acne breakouts were gone and I was able to go day to day with no make up.
    After about 4 months I had a very silly idea that if Tailor could do this what could a full skin care plan from a well known clinic do? I stopped Tailor and spent a lot of money on new skincare and facials etc. My skin broke out straight away and never subsided. It became red and itchy and dry. I persisted for 3 months hoping my skin was just getting used to it.
    I couldn’t take it anymore. Id spent so much money and my skin was the worst it’s ever been!
    I decided to go back to Tailor about a week ago and my skin is very nearly back to the way it was when I first started Tailor!
    I’m amazed and so in love with your products and can’t imagine day to day without them. I will never be silly enough to think there’s anything better out there again!
    You have done such a fantastic job and created such a beautiful product that really does change the way we see and feel about ourselves.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

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