The Tailor Fund

The Tailor Fund

The Tailor team are an eclectic mix of world citizens. Between us, we have travelled to and/or lived in all but one of the world’s continents and each of us have been involved in community service, or “giving back”, at some point in our lives. We listen and heard that you, our #tailortribe, also have an inner desire to help and want us to support sustainable causes in this world.

At Tailor, we’re all about creating products for you which are clean, natural and make you feel great about yourself. We believe that when you’re empowered to feel good about who you are and what you do, then your positive attitude infects those around you, creating a win-win environment for all.  With this in mind, our CEO and world Yogini, Sara Quilter, has established the TAILOR FUND, a charitable fund which aims to promote  and support those who are selflessly working to create a stronger more sustainable community, self confidence and a brighter future for some of the less fortunate in this world.


From 24 October 2017 we, the Tailor Team, will feed the TAILOR FUND with 1% from each full sized Tailor product which you purchase from our website  Sara Q, Libby Baker and the appointed fund trustees will investigate and select where and how to best distribute these funds and we shall report back to you how your dollar has helped.  


Past projects have included

Donations to the SPCA from funds raised with our online sales, the Wellington Pink Ribbon Breakfast at QT to support the pink ribbon breast cancer fund, support for environmentally focused crowdfunding campaigns, and products donated to student sport fundraisers. We’re now taking our charitable donations to the next level and can’t wait to make an impact in the Wellington community and further afield.


Help Us!

If you’d like to support the Tailor Fund by making a donation send us an email and let us know how you’d like to help or what you’re doing out in the community to make a difference.