Our Story

Who is Tailor?
Tailor is your skin’s best friend.
We have your back, or more accurately…we’ve got your face covered.
We’re about boosting your skin health AND your self confidence.

Because to us, this is true beauty.


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What is Tailor?

We’re all different, and at Tailor we know this. We offer you bespoke skin and beauty solutions, tailored (wink) to your skin’s unique needs.

Our online skin consultation will help you discover your personalised blend of skincare products, so you can get results, fast.  No more standard, generic skincare routines. We want to get to know you and your skin, to help you reach your skin goals and get you feeling like the beautiful goddess you already are.


Why Tailor?

So you want to get to know us too? Cool. Let us take you back to 2012… 

In sunny California, and while news of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes’ breakup is shocking the world (What?! No more TomKat?), a girl called Sara Quilter has other things on her mind. Other much more important things, like studying new & emerging trends in the organic horticulture industry. Trust us, you don’t want to ask her about this unless you’re ready for a passionate discussion about soil microbes and the world’s food production system… Seriously.

Because of her research, Sara began questioning all of the chemicals she was exposing herself to on a day-to-day basis – particularly in her skincare products.  Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not bad mouthing chemicals. We actually love chemicals here at Tailor Skin! “Wait… what?! I thought Tailor was all natural??” Before you stop reading, hear us out… Water is a chemical. The air we breathe is a chemical. Organic virgin cold pressed unrefined coconut oil is all chemicals. See what we’re getting at here?  Many chemicals are natural, organic and provide amazing benefits to our health.  What we don’t like are synthetic chemicals. Ew.

Sara discovered that many of the synthetic ingredients in her regular skincare products were shown to have some pretty nasty side effects. Think rashes, hormone dysfunction and inflammation to name just a few.  So she began to deconstruct what was added into all skincare – natural or not. Sara wasn’t happy simply purchasing a ‘certified natural’ product and calling it a day. She needed to know each ingredient that was in a formula, where it came from, and why.

This is how Tailor was born.

Heading back home to Taranaki from Cali, Sara set up production in her father’s workshop with a Kenwood cake mixer, a bag of clay and a gigantic mission: To make nourishing, healthy and effective skincare products to suit your individual skin.

All Tailor Skin products are created inline with our three founding principles:

  1. Natural, quality ingredients which are beneficial to the skin
  2. Cruelty free ingredients and final formulations
  3. Kindness to the earth

So that you can have gorgeous, glowing skin as well as peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right choice for the earth and our animal friends as well.  In 2017, the Tailor Fund was established to help give back even more. Now with every full sized product purchased from Tailorskin.co, $1 will go to supporting those who are selflessly working to create a stronger more sustainable community, self confidence and a brighter future for some of the less fortunate in this world. Today, Tailor Skin is the first NZ made and truly natural skincare line available on the market which can be personalised to your unique needs. We know our products are the best because of the incredible feedback we get day in and day out from the #TailorTribe all over the world.

Plus, we’re winners, too! Tailor Renew Probiotic Serum was awarded ‘Most Innovative Formulation’ by the NZ Cosmetic Chemists in 2016 and Tailor Oil Cleanse won ‘Bauer Beauty’s Best Face Cleanser of 2017’.

Tailor is your health and beauty BFF. Our goal is to get you the best wellbeing and beauty information available from a natural and eco conscious standpoint. So you can be healthy, well informed AND have fabulous looking skin.

Want to be part of the movement?

Whether you want workshops, Insta inspo or a weekly dose of what’s hot and what’s not in green beauty, at Tailor we’ve got you covered. Ready to get your little blue Tailor gem? Head over to our shop where you’ll find a selection of incredible products, including Your Blend. Be sure to take our online skin consultation first to discover which blend is best for you. Want to chat some more? We’re always keen to hear from you. You can email the Team on info@tailorskin.co right now and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Glow well,

The Tailor Team xx