A Q&A with our Tailor Team: All Things Sleep & Restore

A Q&A with our Tailor Team: All Things Sleep & Restore

With our recent launch of Tailor Restore, we wanted to chat all things sleep with the team to hear about their journey with sleep and how they’ve been finding Restore as a new addition in their skincare routine. So, let’s dive in.

So Kate, how would you describe your relationship with sleep? 

Kate / “I’ve always absolutely loved sleep and would always push waking up to the last minute! I used to really struggle to fall asleep at night but since I’ve fine tuned my daily routine and included a good amount of exercise each day I find I now sleep like a baby, lights out by 10pm!”

Exercise really helps, doesn’t it? What about you Stacey?

Stacey / “I value its importance in my health and wellbeing and I often find my cognitive abilities aren't as sharp if I have had a bad sleep the night before. That is why I am strict with my bed-time to ensure that I have enough sleep to be productive and the best version of myself. I’m asleep by 9:30pm and up at 6am with the occasional late night once a week! Balance is key, love the 80/20 rule haha.”

It's good when you know what works for you, what about you Kaity? 

Kaity / “As a parent to a toddler, I never realised how essential sleep is (& how much I loved it!) until I stopped getting enough. On the plus side, I hardly ever have trouble falling asleep at night! As soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out (for now...).”

How good is it when you can just hit the pillow! For me…

Anna / “It's great, I LOVE IT. There's just nothing better than hopping into bed at the end of a work day! It doesn't matter if it's noisy or silent, I can sleep, but I’m not a day sleeper. I really love my night time relaxation, but with work the next morning I’m asleep between 9:30-10:15pm and then up at 6:30am. Weekend sleep-ins are the best, but I ideally like to wake up by 8am.”

Blue bedding to match Tailor Skincare

Well, you can say we’re a team of sleep lovers, because beauty sleep promotes healthy skin (thanks, Restore).

I’m going to kick us off with my sleep habits / rituals.

Anna “I have one sleep habit that is always on repeat, a fan. It's like my white noise, we had them going when I lived in Thailand due to the extreme heat and I got so used to the sound and the air, I've slept with it since. It's a surprise I don't have dry skin. My ritual before I sleep would be to make sure doors are shut and windows closed, make sure my room is clean, I can’t rest with a messy room, and then I need a glass of water next to my bed.” 

Now a fan in Winter too, I know that’s a little bit crazy but I love it! Kate, what about you?

Kate / “I have to clean my room before I sleep too, even just a 1 minute clearing of the never ending pile of clothes off the floor, because I sleep much better in a cleaner space. I also have to have a clean face and my hair tied up or I won’t be able to fall asleep until I do! Other than that, just making sure I’ve got my perfect pillow set up and I’m good to go.”

Yes a clean space, is a clean mind! What about you Kaity?

Kaity / “I never know how much sleep I will get at night, or how many times I will be up with my babe, so I prioritise getting to bed nice and early - I try to be in bed winding down by 9pm. Before this, I always complete my nighttime skincare routine, make a cup of caffeine-free tea, and read my current book.”

Oh yes, a mother’s work is never done! And Stacey?

Stacey / “Sleep hygiene is super important to me and my partner. We like reading or listening to a podcast before bed to reduce our blue-light exposure to allow us to wind down. Having blackout curtains and a comfortable bed are also high on my list. Ritual wise, mine is super simple brushing my teeth, then doing my skincare routine which I finish off with Illume. The smell of Illume is so divine before bed and I swear it kicks me into rest mode.”

Tailor Skincare Restore as a part of your nighttime routine

Ooh, so much inspiration for the ultimate night time routines, I’ll have to give them all a test drive - because who doesn’t love a night time routine that gives ‘it’ girl vibes.

Since introducing Restore into your routine, how has this night balm helped your skin type Kate, and what are the results you've noticed to your skin? 

Kate / “My skin type has recently veered towards the dry side which was a big change for me as I typically have always had oily skin. Restore came at the perfect time, not only does it have this beautiful, calming scent which just makes me want to go to sleep but the feel of it on your skin is unmatched. You can really feel how nourishing it is and my skin just drinks it up, It’s completely taken away any dry/ flakey patches I had. I’ve noticed since using Restore my skin has a bouncier and very youthful feeling, I wake up in the morning and my skin still feels so soft and moisturised which I’m not used too, it’s a nice change!”

Wow, that’s amazing isn’t it! Stacey, what have you found with your skin type?

Stacey / “My skin type is a combo of dry and sensitive, plus turning 30 this year I have also been more aware of supportive ingredients for ageing. Since adding Restore into my routine 6 months ago, I can say my skin has never been happier than it is now, especially through winter which is when my skin is often at its worst with exposure to wind and sudden changes in temperatures. I am noticing my skin is less red, more bright and plump. It has really helped to deeply moisturise and nourish my skin. I have been using Tailor for 5 years and before starting my tailored routine I was using another suite of branded products and my skin was dry, flaky, sore, irritated. The change since introducing Tailor and the more change I see with the introduction of new products amazes me - I will never change my skincare...EVER!”

As you can tell we love Tailor Skincare, for me…

Anna / “I have a normal skin type with slightly uneven skin texture and my skin has just flourished with Restore. For my skin, it's about enhancing and maintaining my skin’s health to look and feel its best, but also clearing up the uneven skin texture. This balm leaves my skin super soft and deeply moisturised, with a clean feeling. It also tightens my skin leaving it plump and firm which I love, gives your skin a boost. This is important, as my skin’s health is becoming a priority for me.”

Isn’t it amazing how it’s worked for all these skin types. What about you Kaity?

Kaity / “I love the ritual of using Restore at night. It's super rich and creamy, so I take my time working it into my skin. It's like a mini massage every night. I have super dry, thirsty skin, so I noticed immediately how soft and moisturised it makes my skin feel.”

Tailor Skincare Restore melatonin nurturing night balm

I’m speechless (and that’s rare), but it really says it all. 

Last but not least, Kaity, what's your favourite product to mix and match Restore with and why - give us the inside scoop! 

Kaity / “I always mix Restore with half a pump of Illume before applying. Like I said, I have dry skin so it loves extra oils at night. I like to use them mixed together as I find it absorbs really well into my skin this way.”

Ooh that would be so luxurious! What about you Kate, do you agree?

Kate / “I do, my favourite product to mix with Restore is also Illume, especially for combating the winter dry’s. The two go so well together and create such a luxurious feeling combination that feels like its really tackling my dry skin.”

Another Illume and Restore lover! A must-try, what about you Stacey?

Stacey / “This is hard because I have just loved inserting it into my existing night time routine. If I have to choose one though it would be Hydrate. Hydrate water content is really high compared to Restore which is a thicker balm consistency and so I really like layering Hydrate onto my skin first and then adding Restore on top.”

Who doesn’t love a hydrated and plump finish, it gives skin health. Lucky last, my mix & match combo…

Anna / “This would have to be Renew, because not only does this mix and match duo make me feel luxurious and rejuvenated, but because of how it leaves my skin feeling, which I love the feeling of, having a plump and firm complexion. It just makes my skin feel super healthy, clean, and full of the good stuff.”

So many options, something for everyone! To find your Restore match, take our mix and match quiz to see what’s best suited for your skin type. 

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