Every product in our range is made to address your skin concerns, fit your routine, and make you feel good.

Can’t be bothered waiting for the mask to dry? Use it as a scrub instead! Or pop it on some angry pimples and pop right into bed. You do you. And we empower you to do it your way.

Tailor is vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and eco-conscious. Which is easy to say but takes more effort to do. We know sustainability is a journey, not a destination. And we’re on it. 

We make a committed effort to reduce our carbon footprint at every stage. From creating products that require minimal water to localising production.

But here’s something really radical.

We encourage buying less. That’s right. A brand that makes money selling skincare to people is telling you to buy less skincare. Because isn’t that the most sustainable way to shop... to not? 

And when you do buy your skincare, you want it to actually address your skin concern, so you’re not buying a different product one month later. You want it to work. To be backed by science, results, and in a blue bottle (we assume).

When each product can work in multiple ways, it saves you buying a million products you’re never going to use. Buy stuff that works. And then works in another way. And another. And on the shelf.

Feel confident with an award-winning, results-driven routine that’s tailored to your skin. Because the most sustainable skincare is minimal skincare.

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