We see beauty that is more than skin deep. We see passion and potential at every age. We see a zest for life that just won’t quit. We see strength, courage and infinite power. We see You.

Our Philosophy

At Tailor, we believe beauty is about mindfulness, self love, confidence and your daily self care regime using beautiful products that do the very best for your skin and wellbeing.

We’re passionate about optimising your skin health journey with our scientifically proven, effective Tailor Skincare range because skincare is self care. We create concentrated, highly active ingredient blends designed to combine with our natural, cruelty-free base products. Each formulation is blended with precision to address your most pressing skin concerns at every age and stage.

Your skin changes every season, every month, every day, so we have curated our Tailor Skincare range to adapt with you. We give you the knowledge and power to customise your own tailored blend of beautiful, natural skincare products to target exactly what your skin needs everyday.

We believe in integrity and authenticity in every aspect of Tailor. We are transparent in disclosing our ingredients, packaging and sources. We love to share what we learn in creating Tailor to educate, inform, inspire and empower you to make the best possible choice for your skin.

Our Story

We felt deceived by the beauty industry. We no longer had faith in skincare brands that bamboozled us with buzz words and promises of transformative results but failed to deliver. We saw through the smoke and mirrors and took control of our own skin health.

We learned how to make beautiful products from natural ingredients to promote healthy, well-balanced skin, and in 2012 welcomed to the world Tailor, which we’re proud to share with you.

Since then we’ve scooped a stack of industry awards, launched into New Zealand's two largest retailers, Farmers and Life Pharmacy, gained multi-figured ecommerce sales, and grown a subscriber base in excess of 100,000 people - that’s you, and we’re one of the country’s most innovative, exciting and authentic skincare brands on social media (because you tell us so!).

It’s probably because we make great natural skincare that you LOVE.

Our Ingredients

We source ingredients from nature that work in synergy with the skin’s natural process to renew, detoxify and brighten. Our natural active ingredients are effective in nurturing, nourishing and protecting your skin.

We use high quality ingredients from suppliers we know and trust, including locally sourced oils and extracts, New Zealand natives kanuka essential oil and kowhai extract, and certified organic Āluān raw coconut oil made from renewable fair trade sources in Indonesia.

Our Footprint

We are committed to doing no harm. We do not test our ingredients or products on animals (only people!), we are cruelty-free.

We formulate Tailor locally, and package all our products using biodegradable card packaging and courier boxes crafted from recycled materials. We use biodegradable and recyclable packaging wherever possible and work tirelessly to ensure our impact on the planet is minimal.

We believe skin health is more than skin deep so in 2017 created The Tailor Fund where we take a cut of our revenue every week to support mental health and wellbeing in New Zealand.