Tailored Sustainability

Buy Less, buy Tailor. 

Tailor is vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and enviro-conscious. Which is easy to say but takes more effort to do. We know sustainability is a journey, not a destination. And we’re on it. We make a committed effort to reduce our carbon footprint at every stage. From creating products that require minimal water to localising production. We’re a green brand in a blue bottle. 

Full Tailor Skincare range

Skipcare / Multi-talented skincare

Multi-purpose skincare

Multi-purpose skincare is sustainable skincare. Multi-purpose products made to treat multiple skin concerns, in multiple ways, without needing to buy multiple bottles. And when each product can work in multiple ways, it’s a money saver, time saver and space saver. One bottle can mean eliminating 5 bottles on your bathroom shelf. 

Want to learn the multiple ways you can use each Tailor product? Head to each product page for this need to know info. 

Multi-targeting skincare

Multi-targeting skincare is sustainable skincare. Because, when you do buy your skincare, you want it to actually address your skin concern, so you’re not buying a different product one month later. You want it to work. To be backed by science and results. 

Want to learn the multiple skin concerns addressed by each Tailor product? Head to each product page here for this need to know info. 


With Tailor, a little goes a long way. We’ve carefully chosen the individual sizes of our products, to ensure our customers are receiving high quality natural formulations, at the best value, with minimal wastage. Take Oil Cleanse, it’s 100ml in size, which lasts at least 12 weeks / 3 months using it daily. We opted for this size rather than creating a smaller bottle which as an example lasts 4 weeks / 1 month. This size eliminates 2 additional bottles, pumps and boxes. Saving money and reducing wastage. Because concise skincare is sustainable skincare. 


Our ingredients are multi-purpose too. At Tailor we also like to utilise ingredients across more than one formulation that reduces the need to transport more materials as well as reduce waste that can often come with minimum order quantities. Our formulations are minimalist formulations, as we don’t believe in an overcrowded INCI list. In the development phase of all new products we assess each new material to ensure it fits our values of natural, vegan, cruelty free and is sourced using ethical and sustainable practices. From there we have the opportunity to replace any materials or continue forward in the formulation process. As there is new innovation and more suppliers available, we conduct regular quality checks.  By carefully selecting and using multi-purpose ingredients we eliminate this all together, as we can meet these requirements for purchase amounts and keep our supplier list to a minimum. Because multipurpose skincare is sustainable skincare.

Want to learn more about our ingredients, head here


Bottles / Jars

Why blue glass / 
Recognised as a core part of Tailor. Our iconic blue glass bottles / jars can be recycled indefinitely and upcycled. It’s really simple for you, because we’ve tailored it to your preference. For the majority of our range, we’ve chosen to use blue glass as our form of delivery, due to our customer’s expectations and preferences. Because, what our customers want is front of mind for Tailor. 

Why our pump / 
We’ve chosen our pump for our customer’s to dispense product from their blue bottles. For hygiene reasons and ease of use, we’ve found this to be the best option for our customers when using their Tailor. 

Why our scoop applicator / 
We’ve chosen our white scoop applicator on top of the caska seal in Tailor Restore, for hygiene reasons and ease of application for our customers. 

Source of our blue glass, pump & scoop applicator / 
Our blue glass, pump and scoop applicators are sourced from our selected partner off-shore in China, that meets our criteria of sustainable and ethical practices. Right now, New Zealand does not manufacture cosmetic glass, so our only option is to source overseas. We have a dedicated Operations Manager who remains up to date with latest innovations and changes in availability so that we can shift and improve our dedication to sustainability. 

How to dispose / 
Glass Bottles / You can dispose of your blue bottles with mixed glass recycling, or you can upcycle your blue bottles as far as your imagination takes you. If you’d like to remove our info from your bottle/s, you can place them in hot, soapy water for …. And then you should be able to wipe it off.
*You may have noticed we’re slowly phasing out our old logo blue bottles, before we start manufacturing with our new logo, to ensure there is zero waste. 

Pumps + Scoop + Caska Seal / As of now these cannot be recycled due to the size and mechanics of the componentry. You can send these items to a specialised recycling program such as Terracycle for responsible disposal. 

Tailor Skincare recycled plastic tubes


Why PCR plastic / 
We’ve chosen tubes as another form of delivery across select products within our range, due to their product functionality. We also want to ensure our range is user-friendly for our customers. For our tubes, we’ve opted for 50% PCR, post-consumer resin, plastic sourced from recycled milk bottles. 50% is the maximum amount we could use to create our tubes without making them too rigid for our customers (where you can no longer squeeze the tube). 

Why twist lid & removable lid / 
We’ve chosen our twist lid for Gel Cleanse for customer experience, aka slippery hands, slippery lid (hello floor). We found this to be the best option for Gel Cleanse’s product functionality.
We’ve chosen our removable lid for our other tube products, including Polish, Awaken, and our Mini Range.

Source of our PCR plastic, twist lid & removable lid / 
Our PCR tubes are sourced via a NZ based supplier, but produced off-shore in China with our selected partner that meets our criteria of sustainable and ethical practices.

How to dispose / 
You can dispose of your tailor tubes by popping them into your curbside recycling. 


Why ‘Well-Managed Forests’ certified card?
We’ve chosen ‘Well-Managed Forests’ certified card as the material for our cardboard boxes, as it allows us to tailor its disposal to our customer’s preference, as this certified card is recyclable and compostable. We recently switched to this certified card when the opportunity arose during to Covid-19, as this became the most sustainable option for card in NZ. 

Why vegetable inks?
We’ve chosen to use vegetable inks to print our need-to-know info on our boxes. This is our most sustainable option, which allows us to communicate our need-to-know info to our customer’s about each product, but it also means our boxes are compostable as well as recyclable, tailoring to our customer’s preferences. 

Source of our ‘Well-Managed Forests’ card / 
Our certified card is sourced from the Whakatane Paper Mill, in Whakatane, NZ. Previously we had sourced card internationally, however, this supplier re-opened their doors during Covid-19 to service the demand in NZ. This opened up the opportunity for us to switch from FSC card to ‘Well-Managed Forests’ card, which became the most sustainable card option for us, as it meant we could localise our whole box supply chain to NZ. This was a significant step in our sustainability journey, as we were able to reduce our carbon emissions. At the time we had to forgo the premium aspect of our card as cosmetic boards were not the focus for the Paper Mill when it first opened, however their offering has increased due to demand and we can now source our dream cosmetic board that looks the part, certified and entirely made here in New Zealand.  

How to dispose / 
You can dispose of your tailor boxes by recycling them with your curbside recycling, or ripping them up and popping them into your at-home compost. Each box has been carefully designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of each Tailor product, to ensure we’re only using what we need.
*You may have noticed we’re slowly phasing out our old FSC card boxes, before we fully switch to ‘Well-Managed Forests’, to ensure there is zero waste. 


We have had many requests for samples. While individual, pre-packaged samples may be a win for safety, and for trialing a product before investing in a full-size, they can be a loss for sustainability. According to an article by the Ministry of the Environment, “The beauty industry is one of the top plastic waste creators globally, contributing to 120 billion units of packaging every year, making single use packaging the biggest contributor of carbon emissions in the industry.” 

To align our decision with our commitment to sustainability, we have opted to make a mini sample of our best selling products that are a minimum of 20ml. This means that they are an optimal size for a customer to properly trial for a month. Because, how do you really know something works when you get a 2ml or 5ml sample…? It’s just wasteful, otherwise. Our selected mini’s are also packaged in either our blue glass or 50% PCR tubes, which is already our existing packaging options within our range. We do believe there is something to be said about having the ability to trial a product before you invest. Discarding a product that has only been used once or twice is also not a win for sustainability. When our customer’s have purchased a full-size Tailor product and find it isn’t quite right for them, not only do we acknowledge a 30-day money back guarantee, but we encourage them to pass it onto a friend or family member to try and hopefully love. Resulting in this product not being put to the back of their cupboard and forgotten about, or thrown away. We want to minimise waste, and this is why our decision aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

P.S. Not only do our samples offer the best way for trialing our skincare, they are the perfect travel-size and great as a gift. Because, we wouldn’t be Tailor if it wasn’t multipurpose.