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Passionate about Tailor (same)? Have a love for creating beautiful & engaging content for your tailored audience? We’re always looking to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with our Tailor influencers, to become part of our Tailor team. We’re tailored to all skin types, including yours. We’re for everyone. We’d love for you to become a voice for Tailor, sharing your thoughts & opinions, including your humble brags about us. Rewards, await. Tailor influencers, tailored to all. Brand Ambassadors / No introductions needed, already a lover of Tailor? Share your tailored thoughts and humble brag about us. Content Creators / Have an established tailored community on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest TikTok or your blog? We’d love to hear from you & have a tailor talk. Leaders in the beauty & health industry / A bit of an expert in your industry (humble brag)? We’d love to hear from you & have a tailor talk. Interested? Good, let's get round the blue table and chat.

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