Nurturing Radiance: Benefits of Liquorice Root in Skincare

Where innovation meets time-tested wisdom, isn’t that just really cool? Certain natural ingredients have taken the spotlight for their boast-worthy abilities to enhance complexion and nurture skin health (tell me more). One of these botanical treasures (it’s vegan, did you notice?), is Liquorice root, which has become quite the shining star, captivating the attention of skincare enthusiasts and experts. Let’s jump into see how Liquorice root is transforming the way we care for our skin. Because, I’m curious - aren’t you? 

Hero skin-brightening natural ingredient liquorice root

How does Liquorice Root work as a skincare ingredient?

Liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), is a plant that’s been unveiled to be a “skin brightening and depigmentation cosmetic ingredient”. How radical, a plant can help nurture our skin? And here’s why.

Skin-Brightening Elixir

Ok, a bit of science chat. The root contains a compound known as glabridin, this inhibits the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin discolouration and uneven tone. Welcoming Licourice Root into your skincare routine, can support your skin to have a more radiant, even complexion, while acknowledging concerns like hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. “Licorice root extracts protect the skin against oxidative. It acts as antioxidant....Simple behaviour, yet so powerful. 

Antioxidant Armor

With a modern world, comes with our skin being constantly exposed to environmental stressors (as if we need this on top of our personal stressors) that speed up the aging process. But it’s ok, our shining star Licourice Root will come to the rescue with its antioxidant properties, and help shield the skin from the unwanted damage caused by free radicals. “Licorice root extracts protect the skin against oxidative stress injuries." Because, with topical use of Liquorice Root infused skincare, your skin will be left with a more youthful, radiant complexion by protecting the skin's collagen and elastin (but this doesn’t suffice as sun protection, that’s sunblock’s role). "It displays skin depigmentation activity and is being incorporated in topical products intended specifically for that purpose.” It can say no more and do no more.

Why did we choose Liquorice Root as an ingredient in our new product, Tailor Restore?

Liquorice Root is a hero ingredient in our new product, Tailor Restore, a luxuriously rich nurturing overnight balm (mmmm, sounds luxe). We chose this ingredient for our customers, as they are always at the forefront of what we do. They’ve been waiting and asking for a thick, luxurious and creamy night balm to add to their routine, with benefits that will nurture their uneven, aging and dry skin types. But, Tailor has a long list of requirements to check off and it’s not easy, some would say we’re high maintenance. This includes finding an ingredient that provides health focused benefits that support the product itself and how it’s used, where it’s made (distance to NZ) and the working conditions, making sure it’s vegan, cruelty free, and eco-conscious. So, coming across this ingredient sourced in New Zealand by Organic Botanics in our product development stage was like we’re *winning*. It is unequaled with it’s essential nutrients, skin brightening benefits, and “New Zealand’s native species have the advantage of growing in the country’s clean, pristine and nuclear-free waters which are infused with sub Antarctic streams rich in minerals.” This means we have a reduced carbon footprint, localised production, and being able to support a local supplier. It proves being high maintenance can work to your favour, but it doesn’t come easy. Overall, this ingredient represents a powerful quality of Tailor, to think outside the box and be resourceful to lead to an innovative solution.

Woman applying Tailor Restore night balm made with liquorice root

How Liquorice Root will fit into your night time routine?

Our range has been formulated to be mixed, matched and tailored to your skin (toot toot). Here is how we recommend Liquorice Root, aka  Restore to be tailored to your routine:

Illume / Mixing Restore with Bakuchiol, aka Illume, together with their combined strong anti-aging properties will reduce fine lines, plump and refine skin, leading to a more youthful complexion. You would apply this as a last step in your nighttime routine. 

Renew / Mixing Restore with Probiotic Lysate and Grape Seed Extract, aka Renew, together with their strong cell regeneration properties and ability to combat UV free radical damage, will strengthen skin, reduce fine lines and improve elasticity and firmness. You would apply this after your cleanser in your nighttime routine. 

Hydrate / Mixing Restore with Hyaluronic Acid, aka Hydrate will together increase your skin’s elasticity, giving a more plump complexion. You would apply this after Renew in your nighttime routine. 

P.S. This is not a dream, but it is your dream skin.


  • Patch test Tailor Restore on the inside of your upper arm, as this area is most sensitive, so it will be a true test, especially if you have skin sensitivities or allergies. You can head to your local Farmers to use their tester. 
  • Sun Protection: Even though Liquorice root can contribute to a more even skin tone, it's crucial to continue using sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Tailor Skincare melatonin nurturing night balm with liquorice root


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