A Q&A with The Tailor Team: Our best kept cleansing tips

A Q&A with The Tailor Team: Our best kept cleansing tips

As you may know, we’ve just launched our newest Tailor, Gel Cleanse. So, I thought we’d sit down with the Tailor Team and chat all things cleansing, to hear about their journey with cleansing and how they’ve been finding Gel Cleanse as a new addition in their skincare routine. There’s no time like the present.

Let’s get this started with you, Kaity. Would you say cleansing a must in your morning and evening routine? If so, give us the goss?

Kaity / “Absolutely, I always start with cleansing when it comes to skincare - otherwise it feels like my moisturiser is locking dirt into my skin! I have more time in the mornings, so I love to deeply cleanse with Oil Cleanse. At night, I do a quick cleanse with Gel Cleanse in the shower.”

Oh my gosh, relatable! Ok now it’s my turn, for me…

Anna / “Cleansing is a must in my routine, morning and night for one very important reason, to keep my skin clean - you don't necessarily think about it, but your skin can get extremely dirty, those poor pores can get very clogged up with makeup, dirt, oils and daily grime. So to me, it's part of my personal hygiene routine.”

Ok, Stacey you’re up!

Stacey / “I'm all about a night time cleanse, just like my showers! My skin type is dry and sensitive, what I look for in my daily cleansing routine is using products that cleanse away the day's build up and give back to my skin. If I was to over cleanse my skin, it would most likely disrupt my skin's natural oil production causing an underproduction of oil (which my skin already lacks being dry).”

Oh, that’s a great tip for dry skin - readers listen up there! And lastly, Kate - what’s your verdict?

Kate / “Absolutely a must, I feel like cleanser is the skincare equivalent of a cold shower in the morning, it wakes me up and I feel refreshed and ready to start the day. Then at night, its a must to wash the day away and most importantly, wash my makeup away. It’s also the first step to my wind-down routine, and gets me ready to relax.”

This is so cool, it’s become something more than just a cleanser, it’s become part of starting your day with a clear mind. 

Woman using Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanser

Oh this is my favourite question, so let’s start with me. Can you share a cleansing trick?

Anna / “The best trick of all time. Cleansing in the shower is the best thing. Don't knock it till you try it. It's convenient, it's a time saver and it just elevates the post-shower clean and fresh feeling. It's all done in one big swoop.”

We love when something can do it all (aka multi-purpose). Ok, enough from me. What’s your trick Stacey?

Stacey / “I am a night-time shower so I love to do my cleansing in the shower. Oil Cleanse is a glass bottle and definitely don't want to let that slip out my hands in the shower! So I turn the shower on, apply 4 pumps to my hands, apply to my dry face and massage. Then step into the shower to wash off and follow on with Gel Cleanse. I keep Gel Cleanse and Polish on my shower shelf as they are in their handy tubes!”

Oh, that’s such a goodie - noted! And you Kate?

Kate / “My main trick is a double cleanse, I like to use an oil cleanser to break down any dirt and makeup, then a gel cleanser to really get in there and re-balance my face before the rest of my serums and moisturisers.” 

YES, if you haven’t tried double cleansing. Do yourself a favour, try it. Ok, you’re up Kaity!

Kaity / “For oily/combo/breakout prone skin, try following up Oil Cleanse with a double cleanse of Gel Cleanse to remove any excess oils.”

This is liquid gold if this is your skin type. Is it just me, or does anything else notice this pattern here, mix and matching Tailor products - trick 101. 

Now for the hottest trending topic on socials. Stacey, are you a double cleanser?

Stacey / “Never thought I would be until we introduced Tailor Gel Cleanse. I used to use a gel cleanser pre-Tailor and my skin always felt dry and tight, but always clean (a nice feeling). When I switched to Oil Cleanse and saw how much change it made to my skin mainly making my skin not flaky and makeup sitting nice I thought I'd never go back. Even though I was nervous to introduce one back into my routine I do not regret it. My skin gets that lovely fresh and clean feeling but this time it is accompanied with soft and hydrated skin.”

Yes I was the same, but now I don’t look back! And you, Kaity?

Kaity / “Sometimes, time permitting! I personally love leaving a bit of Oil Cleanse on my skin as it's quite dry. But when I've been wearing a lot of sunscreen or makeup, double cleansing is a must.”

The life of a mum, always time pressured! Ok, my turn again…

Anna / “If I'm being honest, I’d never think I’d even know what that is. But now I’m a skincare girl, I now know, you know. If you love being clean, this one's for you. It just gives your skin a really good deep cleanse, making sure every spec of make up, dirt and oils are gone. The main driver for why I do this is because I wear make up, so it adds to the daily grime your skin endures.”

Isn’t that the best, learning new things and loving them? What about you, Kate?

Kate / “I sure am, I live by it! After a double cleanse my face feels so fresh and clean, but also not stripped, it’s nice and hydrated and soft.”

A hard core double cleanser, love it. 

Woman applying Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanse foaming cleanser

If you could tell someone something they wouldn't know about Gel Cleanse, what would it be?

Kate / “How fresh and truely clean your face feels after, without being stripped. When I was younger I used to use a pretty harsh face wash, and my skin feeling tight and dry was when I felt it was clean. However, with gel cleanse I still get that sense of the really cleansed face, without the dryness and tightness, it’s really a game changer.”

Yes, I agree. Can’t emphasise this enough. What do you have to say, Kaity?

Kaity / “It shares a hero active from Moisture - milk thistle ester. This gem is a natural alternative to silicone, so it makes your skin feel soft and lush while still letting your skin breathe.”

Oooh yes. Can’t beat a multi-purpose ingredient, I mean if it’s good at it’s function why change it. My turn…

Anna / “This is a good one, really making me think as I want to share something juicy. The ingredients. It's a demonstration of being multi-purpose, our hero ingredients Aloe Vera and Oat Protein do more for your skin, because they have multiple benefits - that actually work. And to me, this is what makes it like nothing else on the market.”

Can you tell I love the practice of being multi-purpose. Do you have something better, Stacey?

Stacey / “Its packaging! It has a twisting lid so you don't have to take the lid off and accidentally drop it (annoying!). It just twists to unlock, squeeze product out, then twist it back to lock. So easy!”

Ooh yes, simple and quick application is key. Because, who has the patience to fiddle around. 

Ok, Stacey you’re up again. What's your favourite way to mix and match Gel Cleanse?

Stacey / “With Oil Cleanse of course! They are the best cleansers and they work great together and on their own!”

You won’t feel more clean and fresh skin, than with this cleanser duo. Can you beat this one, Kate?

Kate / “Well no they’re all amazing, but in my eyes my fav way to mix gel cleanse is with a bit of polish, it creates a really amazing, gentle facial exfoliator. It’s perfect for when I want a face exfoliation when I have fake tan on my face and don’t want to strip it all away.” 

Oooh yes, that deep and I mean deep exfoliation - love when the pores get a deep clean! Kaity, you?

Kaity / ”I’d have to say Hydrate. It’s like a double dose of deep hydration for my skin. There’s nothing like it.”

Ooooh, isn’t it good when products can work together and further support your skin. My turn, and I have a different favourite…

Anna / “Before anything else, you have to be able to remove any excess product from your skin, and the only tool for this is our Tailor Towels. It just effortlessly and effectively wipes everything away and it's really gentle on the skin - so no irritations occur. It's as simple as that, really.”

I love how everyone is different, and Tailor’s range encourages this as it has multiple products to mix and match with - so it can fit your routine and skin type, how good. 

Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanse and Gel Cleanse as a double cleanse routine

Ok, let’s see the evidence now. Kaity, what changes have you noticed in your skin, since using Gel Cleanse?

Kaity / “Unlike some gel cleansers I've used in the past, it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or stripped after using it - a big win for me.”

Yes, that is a huge win in itself - because as we know, most cleansers take, but don’t give back. My turn (again)...

Anna / “Well I’d thought you’d never ask. My skin is softer, cleaner and just fresh really. I can't say it any other way, you just have to try it - I mean who thought a good ol cleanser - the most basic product in your routine, could do all this. I bring you back to my multi-purpose point.”

Ok Stacey, have you had similar results to me?

Stacey / “Mostly the reduced redness in my skin. Being eczema prone and sensitive it's the one thing I am conscious of when I am going makeup free. I have noticed also reduced sensitivity to environmental exposure like from being warm inside to a cold windy outside, my skin would normally irritate and go red immediately.” 

And it’s sensitive skin friendly, that’s impressive. Last up, Kate - have you noticed any changes?

Kate /I’ve noticed my skin to be more calm, I have pretty sensitive skin and it often gets quite red in place after my full skincare routine. Gel cleanse has really helped to lessen any irritation and balance my skin before I move on to the next steps.”

This is so exciting, a wash-off product that instantly benefits your skin. Yes, it’s magic. 

So there you have it, our Tailor Team’s best kept cleansing tips & aren’t they golden. Well, we think so. A product for everyone, tailored to you, ofc. Feel free to check out for yourself the star of the show, Gel Cleanse

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