Skin Feeling Thirsty? 5 #Hacks to Quench it

Skin Feeling Thirsty? 5 #Hacks to Quench it

Less than 3 minutes / July 15th, 2022

Did you know that your skin is constantly losing its ability to hold onto water due to the ageing process? (..thanks DNA). To make matters worse this increases 10x fold during winter with cold weather and excessive heat-pump usage accelerating Transepidermal Water Loss (aka 'TEWL').

TEWL is the process of water passing from the dermis layer of skin to the epidermis layer and then evaporating from the skin. While this is a completely normal process that happens to all of us, certain factors can accelerate it resulting in a dehydrated, flaky and dull look (ugh, not what we want right?).

Factors that increase TEWL:

  • Low humidity
  • Harsh cosmetics and beauty products 
  • Heating and air conditioners
  • A damaged skin barrier
  • Lifestyle factors such as low water intake

TEWL also significantly increases while we sleep, as its intimately tied to the body's 'circadian rhythm' aka body clock. As we sleep our body temperature drops and skin temperatures rise  resulting in even more water evaporating from where we want it (in our skin!).

While there are factors outside of our control that accelerates TEWL, the good news is that there are things that we can do to put the brake on the process!

Here are our top tips to keep as much water in our skin so it stays plump and hydrated all year long!

Hack 1 - Moisturise with Active Ingredients

By now you're probably aware that we we're big fans of using Hyaluronic acid to combat dehydrated skin, which is why we put it in our favourite winter serum Hydrate! Hyaluronic Acid is considered the powerhouse ingredient for hydration due to its ability to hold onto 1000x its weight in water. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid sinks into the skin, attracts water and locks it in. A dream ingredient for thirsty skin!

Hack 2 - Ditch the Primer

Instead opt for your Hydrate serum, which naturally primes the skin whilst also locking in hydration throughout the day.Yes, primers can give an artificial glow to the skin, but a majority of primers on the market also contain nasty, toxic ingredients which end up damaging the skin long-term. Our Hydrate serum also contains Vitamin B3 which reduces redness & NZ botanical kowhai extract to fights bacteria - the perfect serum to use under your make-up. Simply apply 1-2 pumps to your face, allow the serum to dry and then apply make-up as normal. Voilà, dewy, hydrated skin

Hack 3 - Hydrate throughout the day

Ready to go make-up free throughout the week? ( ..go you!!) then it's time to get pumping throughout the day. Our skin isn't just thirsty in the morning and evening, its like the rest of our body - parched (& slightly cranky) by 3pm. We recommend applying 1-2 pumps of Hydrate every 3-4 hours especially if you have the heat pump or heater running.

Hack 4 - Super Soak 

For those who need an extra dose of hydration try a Hydrate face mask at least 1x a week. Simply apply 5-6 x pumps of Hydrate to your face and neck, let it sit for 20 mins and then simply wipe the excess. Make sure to also lather your skin with Hydrate before you go to bed, as your skin will see a spike in water loss during the night. Good morning plump skin!

Hack 5 - Improve your Skin Barrier

It should be no surprise that a weakened skin barrier is a significant cause of excessive water evaporating from the skin (learn more about your skin barrier and how to support it here) so it's vital that alongside hydrating your skin, you are also supporting your skin barrier. Our Renew serum contains 3% vegan probiotic lysate that stimulates natural skin cell regeneration & strengthens the skin's protective barrier for enhanced resiliency. Try mixing Hydrate with our Renew serum for a nourished, strong & hydrated skin barrier! The winning combination in our books.



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