Cruelty Free & Vegan Skincare Myths

Labels like “cruelty free” and “vegan” used in skincare provoke a minefield of information and misinformation. At their worst, these phrases are used as distractions from what’s really going on in some skincare products. While you think you’re purchasing the good samaritan of products, this labelling is definitely not an indicator of how natural your skincare may be.


Basically, “cruelty free” means that the product you buy is not tested on animals at any stage of the production process. But, that does not mean your product doesn’t contain animal byproducts.

In addition, by law, the Chinese Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) requires all internationally manufactured products sold in China to be tested on animals. The most common brands you see on the shelf that are not cruelty free may surprise you. There are some exciting changes coming in this space from the 1st of May, 2021 for 'general cosmetics' although a cruelty-free future is still a while away. 

Added to that, manufacturers are not required to label that they test on animals, which is why it’s all smoke and mirrors out there and perplexing to the most earnest shopper. While cruelty free is a step in the right direction, savvy shoppers challenge whether it goes far enough. 


Vegan skincare is cruelty free 2.0. It is indeed cruelty free as well as being free from animal products commonly found in skincare products, such as lanolin, gelatin, beeswax, honey, collagen, cochineal dye, estrogen, retinol, ambergris, albumen, cartilage from sharks or bovine, snail peptides and more.

But vegan skincare can still contain all sorts of weird and unpronounceable ingredients. So while vegan products are cruelty free, they may not be natural and they may not be good for you.Woman Holding Vegan Ingredients for Natural Skincare


In short, no. Just because a product is labelled as being vegan, it does not mean that it's natural. There are lots of other ingredients that are not natural, naturally sourced, or are harmful to humans to a greater or lesser degree.  


Labelling is confusing at the best of times, so look out for brands that clearly state one or more of the following:

✅ No Animal Testing
✅ Cruelty Free
✅ Not Tested On Animals
✅ All Natural Ingredients
✅ Vegan (if you want to avoid animal products)

It goes without saying, Tailor Skincare always has been and always will be, cruelty free and natural. Our range is also 100% vegan.

For a complete list of SAFE cosmetics and skincare which are cruelty free, click here.

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