Tailored Results

Breakout Prone Skin


"My Skin looks 1000x better!
I feel so much more confident now!
Polish & Renew have changed the dynamics of my skin. It's smooth and have barely had any acne since using them. I'm so unbelievably happy"

- Kellee

Before and after results for breakout prone skin 
Real life results for breakout prone skin

Hormonal Breakout Prone Skin


I'm really loving the products, I also enjoy the scent of Renew & Polish. I love how simple the routine is for me.

- Aimee

Dark Spots and Uneven Skin


"I have noticed massive changes in my skin. Not only in the appearance but also texture and hydration. it is amazing how my skin has changed. I have less inflammation and pigmentation. It's incredible"

- Ingrid

Results for hyperpigmention from Tailor Skincare
Tailored results for breakout prone skin

Breakout Prone Skin


I could cry I'm so happy! My skin feels amazing after switching my routine to 100% Tailor. I can't recommend Tailor Skincare enough. So happy to be a part of such a beautiful community.

- Bailey

Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles


"Awaken is very hydrating and makes my under eye area look plump. My under eyes are brighter and dark circles are reducing. The cream is light weight and the cooling ceramic tip is nice to massage the eye area with"

- Damayanthi

Real life results from Tailor Skincare

Tailored results for dark under eye circles 

Tired Eyes with Dark Circles


"The skin around my eyes feels soft, supple and look less tired than before. The texture of the cream is really nice and I like the ceramic tip for massaging in to the right places. I've also been putting it on the fine lines above my top lip and it has made a difference there too"

- Anita

Oily Breakout Prone Skin


"I have been using Polish & Renew for 2 weeks now and I have loved the results on my skin. It has made a significant difference in a short time. I have had compliments on how clear my skin is looking"

- Tara

Real life tailored results for oily breakout prone skin