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Passionate about Tailor (same)? Have a love for creating beautiful & engaging content for your tailored audience? We’re always looking to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with our Tailor influencers, to become part of our Tailor team. 

We’re tailored to all skin types, including yours. We’re for everyone. We’d love for you to become a voice for Tailor, sharing your thoughts & opinions, including your humble brags about us. Rewards, await. 

Why Tailor

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Tailor influencers, tailored to all. 

Brand Ambassadors

  • No introductions needed, already a lover of Tailor? Share your tailored thoughts and humble brag about us. 

Content Creators

  • Have an established tailored community on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest TikTok or your blog? We’d love to hear from you & have a tailor talk. 

Leaders in the beauty & health industry

  • A bit of an expert in your industry (humble brag)? We’d love to hear from you & have a tailor talk. 

Meet Tailor

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How it works

  1. Click ‘get in touch’ & fill out a few details about yourself (yes, we’re nosy). 
  2. We’ll be in touch if we have an opportunity for you.

If we do reach out with an opportunity, you’ll receive a tailored experience with us. This includes lots of talks (we’d love to bounce off each other’s ideas and thoughts), your tailored collab guide, and of course it goes without saying, laughter, fun, and support. 

It’s as simple as that, because we’re concise.

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