Naturopath Jess Blair | 5 Good Habits to Start in 2022

WOW, to think we are in 2022 is just wild! What a year 2021 was with all the challenges, trials and tribulations hopefully 2022 comes with renewed hope after a lovely festive season with your friends and family.

New year always comes with some fresh feelings, and with these feelings comes fresh starts, although most New Year’s Resolutions end by February having some habits and goals to start the new year can be very rewarding.

Jess Blair is a Naturopath & Nutritionist, We break down her top 5 good habits to start along with some tips on how to stay on top of them this New Year. 

1. ADD to your life don’t take away.

Have you ever noticed that when you say “I’m giving up Chocolate ALL you can think about is Chocolate?” So, this is why my philosophy around my book and my years of clinical practice I find the best way to change habits is to firstly ‘Add to your lifestyle’.

So, whether that be to drink MORE water, Drink MORE tea, Get MORE sleep, eat MORE vegetables the first easy habit to change is to ADD to your life.

2. Read more, screen less

2021 we were bombarded with news, staying at home, locked in homes for some of us and probably spent more time glued to our screen than before. Why not try reading every night, or in the morning instead of scrolling on Instagram. Reading before bed instead of spending time scrolling, so can help your sleep hygiene too. As you may know blue light before bed can be detrimental to you sleep. 

3. Walk more especially in nature

Increasing your walking daily, by taking the stairs, walking to the shops, and taking the long route where possible can really help your overall health. Walking in nature can really combat those feelings of being overwhelmed! Walking in nature and seeing ‘Greenery’ contributes to our mental, physical and emotional well- being!

4. Set smaller goals that lead to one bigger goal 

Doesn’t matter what your goal or habit is, it could be something to do with your health, it could be to do with your job or it could be something completely different like learning a language. Setting small goal will always help you to reach your larger goal! Setting smaller achievable goals, allows you to add to your goals or pivot them to achieve to your larger Goal! 

5. Be kind to yourself 

After the year we have had, and the stress that has been in all our lives it’s important we are kinder to ourselves. This is important and we have to make sure we cut ourselves some slack, My philosophy is we don’t ‘fall off’ the bandwagon there is NO bandwagon it’s all a long journey so if you lose sight of your goals and habits for a little while just try to get back to it the next day and not spend too much time being angry at yourself! Eating the cake or the chocolate, doesn’t do as much harm as the way we berate ourselves for eating it in the first place!

Bonus Tip

A little bit of time put towards planning ahead can free up more time in the future. Plan your meals and work out plans (and outfits) ahead of time. Automate your life admin tasks like grocery shopping. All these steps can help bring down barriers that are keeping you from achieving your life goals for 2022. 

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