Backed by science: Let’s breakdown Tailor Gel Cleanse’s INCI list

Gel Cleanse is formulated with only 15 ingredients (yes, that's small for a water-based cleanser INCI list - if you were wondering!). INCI is a fancy way of saying ingredients, it stands for International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients. Gel Cleanse’s INCI list is 96.6% natural. Why not 100% you ask? Read here.

For the rest of you wanting to continue, let’s break down each ingredient and why we included them in our formulation for Gel Cleanse - I know you’re curious! Each ingredient has been selected for its multi-purpose nature to be tailored to multiple skin types and concerns, has an impact on your skin even with limited exposure as well as utilising existing Tailor ingredients for our commitment to sustainability.  

We have ordered our ingredients in order from highest % to lowest % (as per the INCI list requirements). Did you know that anything under 1% can be ordered in any way you like which often means a brand might list an active that they want to market higher up the INCI list to make it appear like there is more in the formulation? After the 1% mark, companies can list ingredients in any order they like. They typically move good sounding ingredients up and not-so-good sounding ingredients down, but that is a legal and ok thing to do.” We don’t do that here, all of our product INCI’s are listed in exact order of highest to lowest. We’re transparent, we don’t do green-washing. Now let’s get into it. 

Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanse

Aqua (Water) / [say it like] a•kwuh

The bulk of Gel Cleanse’s formulation. Water is used as the base of many skincare products as a solvent, this is because it is what the other ingredients in the formulation dissolve into to create the formula, aka the end result. 

Sodium Coco-Sulfate / [say it like] sow•dee•uhm kow•kow•soul•fate

Sodium coco-sulfate is a plant-based derived, mild anionic surfactant. It’s used to gently cleanse and is the reason behind the foam. “Sodium coco sulphate makes a gentle foam that effectively dissolves grease and dirt.” It is partially derived from the fatty acids of coconut and water however it cannot be determined to be a 100% natural material. We opted to use this material in order to achieve the goals of Gel Cleanse, to gently and effectively cleanse the skin.

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice / [say it like] aah•low•veer•ah

A summer-essential ingredient in Gel Cleanse and our hero (& multi-purpose). Known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, we chose this as a hero in this formulation because it reduces redness and irritation while it boosts your skin's glow. But it doesn’t stop there, it deeply hydrates and moisturises the skin too. An ingredient that gives back to your skin in a cleanser? Unheard of, but not with Tailor. 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine / [say it like] cok•a•mid•o•pro•pill•bee•tain

A multi-purpose ingredient in Gel Cleanse. This ingredient will make this cleanser’s formulation feel smooth to apply. It’s also multi-purpose as it doubles as a water soluble surfactant, derived from coconut oil. Being a water soluble surfactant, it also helps create foamy bubbles - which we love!

Ingredients from Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanse

Glycerin / [say it like] gli•suh•ruhn

A humectant in Gel Cleanse. Our Glycerin is sourced from organic coconut oil (easy to say, harder to do). A humectant prevents water loss in your skin to keep it hydrated and moisturised for longer - goodbye dull skin and hello to soft and hydrated skin.  

Coco-Glucoside / [say it like] co•co•glue•ko•side 
Lauryl Glucoside / [say it like] law•rull•glue•ko•side 

Glucosides in Gel Cleanse, derived from glucose. Gel Cleanse contains two naturally-derived glucosides, coco-glucoside and lauryl glucoside. They’re used to gently cleanse and moisturise. A whole lot of skin loving naturalness here. 

Sodium Chloride / [say it like] sow•dee•uhm klaw•ride

Thickener / binder in Gel Cleanse. Sodium chloride is better known as table salt, but in skincare aka Gel Cleanse, it’s used to help bind and thicken skincare - you know that luxurious gel texture, yes you know the one. Despite its drying abilities, the low amounts used in skincare means it won’t dehydrate your skin. Transparent, right. 

Benzyl Alcohol / [say it like] ben•zile al•kuh•hol

A multi-purpose ingredient in Gel Cleanse and our chosen preservative system in our skincare range. Benzyl alcohol is a powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial preservative used to stabilise skincare. It is multi-purpose as it also helps to dissolve other ingredients and decreases the viscosity (thickness) of formulas so they flow more easily - you know that nice free-flow of gel you get when you squeeze the tube. 

Sodium Phytate / [say it like] sow•dee•uhm•feye•tayt

A multi-purpose ingredient in Gel Cleanse. This is a stabilising ingredient, which is a texture enhancer to make formulas feel smooth to apply, and it is also a preservative which keeps skincare safe and free from microbes (aka nasties)

Ingredients from Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanse

Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) Ethyl Ester / [say it like] milk•thi•sl•eh•stir

Milk thistle ester is a natural alternative to silicone. It locks in moisture and protects your skin from environmental stressors and pollution. But it doesn’t stop there, it also has antioxidant and calming effects, and helps protect your skin from UV light exposure. Yes you don’t get away with it that easily, you still need to apply sunscreen - as amazing as this ingredient is, it doesn’t replace it. 

Dehydroacetic Acid / [say it like] dee•high•jrow•seat•ick•acid

A mix and match ingredient in Gel Cleanse. Dehydroacetic acid is another preservative used in skincare aka Gel Cleanse. It has potent antifungal to keep skincare safe to use for longer - because we all love a long shelf life. When mixed with Benzyl Alcohol they create a broad-spectrum preservative against yeasts, moulds and funguses. A mix and match moment right here, a true match for Tailor. Our preservative system is made with synthetic materials that have been ECOCERT certified to be used in natural skincare. The certifications issued by Ecocert guarantee and highlight the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.”

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract[say it like] green•tee

Green tea extract is a potent antioxidant that soothes and protects skin. It’s like your skin’s assistant bodyguard, because we know who your head bodyguard is. It also has the ability to reduce sebum, great for breakout and oily prone skin types. 

Hydrolyzed Oat Protein[say it like] owt•prow•teen

A gentle ingredient in Gel Cleanse. Oat Protein is used to soften, condition and moisturise your skin. It helps your skin better retain moisture and hydration. Who would’ve thought oats would have such a big role in skincare. 

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil[say it like] kow•kuh•nuht oil

An ultra-conditioning ingredient in Gel Cleanse but only at a very small %. Coconut oil is used as an emollient and is very moisturising for your skin. A dry skin must-have, FYI.

So as you can see we’ve got quite the line up of skin-loving ingredients, but it’s a concise list. Because, concise skincare is sustainable skincare. So, wasn’t that a simple, short list of ingredients - don’t you love it when ingredients are explained to you, so you know what you’re actually applying to your face, because same. Thanks, Tailor. 

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