Multi-purpose skincare is sustainable skincare.

2023, the year of multipurpose skincare. 

With the rise of clean beauty and increasing demand for natural ingredients, consumers are looking for innovative and effective solutions to address their skincare concerns. Preferably something that not only will protect the planet, but their wallet also. One direction that's set to take the industry by storm in 2023 is multi-purpose skincare. This approach to skincare involves multi-purpose products made to treat multiple skin concerns, in multiple ways, without needing to buy multiple bottles. 

Lucky for you, this is what we are about at Tailor Skincare. And let’s be honest, who has time to deal with a multiple bottled skincare routine. We believe that multi-purpose skincare is the perfect solution for our modern-day lifestyles. Because it’s sustainable skincare, but also better value and a whole lot more affordable. 

Tailor's multipurpose skincare lineup…

Oil Cleanse
Make up remover / Body oil / Beard oil / Hair oil / Shaving oil

BB cream (mix with foundation) / Body lotion

Overnight spot treatment / Exfoliating scrub / Detox mask / Body exfoliation

Eye gel / Facial serum / Facial hydrator / Primer serum / Oil-free moisturiser

Probiotic facial serum / Primer serum

Brightening eye cream / No make up concealer / Concealer (mix with foundation)

Gold Dust
Vitamin C treatment powder / Hair treatment for green hair (chlorine) / Body exfoliation

We’re excited to be at the forefront of this sustainable skincare direction. We encourage buying less. Because isn’t that the most sustainable way to not?

Buy Less. Buy Tailor.

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