My Skin Journey with Tawhio Roimata Walford

Hi Tawhio! Can you introduce yourself (age, where you’re from, what you do)

Kia Ora e te whānau, my name is Tawhio Walford and I come from little old Gisborne on the East Coast of NZ. I am (almost) 22 and a māmā to my 5 month old daughter, Olive. I study a Bachelor of Nursing at Massey University, about to get back into my final year when I return from Maternity Leave!

How would you describe yourself in 3 emojis? 


We love the content that you make - can you tell us what is your favourite type of content to consume?

My favourite kind of content to consume is movies and TV series if that counts… I fill my days with endless Netflix and Neon at the moment while the weather is still abit up & down. Next favourite would shamelessly be tiktok, I’m a sucker for a good laugh.

How would you describe your skin type?

I have dry skin through and through. I have suffered from eczema most of my life on both my face and body!

What’s your skincare routine (day & night) ?

My morning skincare looks like: Renew, Awaken, Hydrate, and/or Illume, SPF.

My evening skincare looks like: Oil Cleanse, Renew, Hydrate, and/or Illume, Polish as a spot treatment if necessary and Gold Dust (with breaks). I converted to a complete Tailor Skincare routine when I was fresh postpartum!

What are your favourite beauty hacks?

I can’t say I know any ‘hacks’ off the top of my head but my tips would be:

  • Wear your SPF alwaaays
  • A good hair treatment every second wash will do wonders for your hair
  • Drinks lots of water
  • Oil pulling is a great natural alternative to teeth whitening
  • Wash your makeup brushes
  • If you’re a makeup wearer, then Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter will be your bestfriend. I think I will die with this product in hand
  • Illume should be in everybody’s skincare range

What are some lifestyle hacks that have helped improve your skin?

  • Drink lots of water (cliche but it works!!)
  • Satin pillowcases / washing pillowcases etc often!
  • Probiotics are the best thing since sliced bread!!

Do you prefer yourself with Makeup or without it?

I don’t mind either, I love night times when I’m fresh out the shower, pjs on and skincare done. That’s definitely when I feel the best. But in terms of appearance, I prefer myself with a super light coverage base, like just Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter and a bronzer. But most days I’m in my pyjamas with no makeup cause Olive hardly lets me sleep. 

What is the best beauty secret you have ever received? Who gave it to you?

WEAR SUNSCREEN! Sincerely from my mum. Wish I listened years ago

What are your top 3 favourite Tailor products and why?

Renew - it is sooo light and gentle. It doesn’t feel like a sticky serum, it’s the most refreshing thing ever and makes my skin feel seriously unreal. It gives your skin the best glow.

Illume - This quickly became my #1 favourite product, firstly it smells amazing. Not like artificial scent amazing but natural deliciousness lol. I always feel so clean after I pop this on, it has the most beautiful texture that is sooo gentle in my eczema and makes my skin feel more plump.

Gold Dust - This is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It’s like a natural exfoliant as well as vitamin C treatment. It makes your skin tingle in a therapeutic way, I use this on both my face and my stretch marks that came in pregnancy/postpartum. It’s a game changer for me!

Which beauty advice would you give yourself at thirteen years old


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