Fresh Faced Beauty: The Art of Double Cleansing

Fresh Faced Beauty: The Art of Double Cleansing

You know, it’s only been the hottest, must-try topic over socials for 2023 - so we thought it was about time to dive into it, as your skin educators. A simple 2-step process, but of course like anything, there’s an art to it. You’ll need an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser, and voila you’ll have makeup, sunscreen, and impurity free skin. Just like that, healthier and glowing skin, with little muscle work required. Now, let’s go through the need to know info. 

Why Double Cleanse?

So, before we jump into the why, what type of cleansers are best used to double cleanse? I’m glad you asked. According to Dr Wu at Cleveland Clinic, “double cleansing means cleansing your face twice, first with an oil-based product and then followed by a water-based cleanser…” And Tailor has got both of these for you. But, why do I need to double cleanse?

Woman using Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanse to remove her makeup

First Cleanse:

1. The first cleanse to your skin, usually from an oil-based cleanser. With oils, the cleaning agent dissolves like, so this will help to dissolve oil-based impurities like makeup, sunscreen, and excess sebum - ready for your Tailor Towel to swoop in and wipe away. Its nutritious oils will assist in balancing your natural oil production in your skin, meanwhile not disturbing your skin’s PH or stripping your skin’s acid mantle. You thought that was it? Not yet, these nutritious oils will replenish your skin with clean and fresh oils - leaving your skin nourished and healthy. 

Second Cleanse: 

2. The second cleanse to your skin, typically from using a water-based cleanser. In this case, the cleaning agent is surfactants, these assist in breaking down and combining the oils and impurities on your skin - an excellent deeper cleanse into your pores (we’re talking squeaky clean). Be mindful and choose a gel cleanser with a gentle surfactant, otherwise if it’s too harsh it will strip your skin - leaving it tight, dry and your skin barrier compromised (we’re talking ultimate irritation). Our Tailor Gel Cleanse is formulated with Cocomidopropyl Betaine (CAB) as our surfactant, as it’s derived from coconut - super gentle with effective cleansing properties. This surfactant will gather around and encapsulate the oils and impurities - allowing it to be easily lift off your skin’s surface. It doesn’t just stop there, it’s an amphoteric surfactant - in other words it’s multi-purpose and can act as an acid or a base, which means less irritation to your skin. You’re welcome. 

Together, this means you’re covering all bases two, which will prevent clogged pores and therefore the likelihood of breakouts. Then, you’ll be all ready with a clean fresh face to apply your favourite serums and moisturisers - which will help this to penetrate into your skin more effectively. “Double cleansing allows for better outcomes of other ingredients."

Woman using Tailor Skincare Gel Cleanse as a double cleanse

How to double cleanse:

Now for the how-to. 

Step 1 / Oil-Based Cleanser

  • Grab your oil-based cleanser (we’d recommend Tailor Oil Cleanse, but that’s just us and all our customer’s opinion). 
  • Apply your oil-based cleanser to dry (not wet) skin and gently massage this into your skin in upward circular motions.
  • Make sure to really focus in on areas with make-up or sunscreen, and areas prone to breakouts. 
  • Grab a reusable make-up removing cloth (Tailor Towel, if you know, you know). Wipe away the oil-based cleanser from your skin.  

Step 2 / Water-Based Cleanser

  • Grab your water-based cleanser - popular choices are gel or foam based cleansers (we’d recommend Tailor Gel Cleanse, it’s gel-to-foam - when applied with water). 
  • Apply your water-based cleanser to dry skin and massage it in and around the skin, add some water to your fingertips and add to your face. This will lather the gel into a foam (pretty cool) for an added cleanse.
  • Grab a reusable make-up removing cloth AKA Tailor Towel. Wipe away the water-based cleanser from your skin. 

For best results, we’d recommend using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. But, you don’t need two different types of cleansers to double cleanse - well not if you’re using Tailor, because our skincare is multi-purpose. With Tailor Oil Cleanse you can do a first cleanse and wipe away with your Tailor Towel, and then if you want a double cleanse you can go back in and repeat this for a second cleanse. With Tailor Gel Cleanse, because it is a gel to foam cleanser, the gel acts as a first cleanse for your skin and then if you’d like a double cleanse, you can add water to it and lather it into a foam, providing a second cleanse. We’ve formulated both Tailor cleansers to be tailored to you and fit into your routine, not the other way around. It’s completely your choice and guess what, we encourage you to do it your way by providing you with multi-purpose skincare. 

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Tailor Skincare double cleansing range, Oil Cleanse, Gel Cleanse, Towel

I’m sure you’ve picked up on this by now, but double cleansing is a simple yet effective method to achieve clean, fresh and glowy skin with a healthier appearance. This would be incorporated into your skincare routine as the first step - to deep cleanse, unclog pores and enhance product absorption, ready for the remainder of your skincare routine. A skincare journey is a journey - so keep up with it and you’ll thank yourself in the long run for taking extra care of your skin. 

P.S. Tailor Oil Cleanse is our best seller, and Tailor Gel Cleanse is our newest product - but quickly becoming our best seller (emphasis on flying off the shelves). 


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