Want to save 20% every time, get free delivery AND have your favourite gems magically arrive when you need them? We got you, girl 💁‍♀️
Q // Is there a minimum commitment/contract period?
A // Nope! If your subscription is working for whatever reason, you can log in to your Tailor account to cancel. Alternatively, you can email us at info@tailorskin.co to do it for you
Q // I've got a buildup of product, can I skip a delivery? A // Absolutely. Again, log in to your Tailor account to skip your next delivery
Q // I'm going away on holiday, can I get my delivery early? A // Yes! Email us at info@tailorskin.co and we can can change your delivery date
Q // I'm using my product quicker/slower than I expected, can I change the frequency?
A // Definitely, jump into your Tailor account or email us to change the frequency of deliveries