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Tailor Oil Cleanse gently removes makeup and dirty, oily build-up from the skin and pores. Formulated with antioxidant rich, cold pressed New Zealand grown hazelnut oil and organic coconut oil, Tailor Oil Cleanse will leave your skin feeling clean, clear, fresh and balanced, without stripping the skin of its’ natural protective layer.

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Massage over dry skin in circular motions for 30 seconds. Concentrate on areas with a lot of makeup. For best results, gently remove with a warm, damp facecloth. Follow with Tailor Polish  2-4 times per week. Finish with your chosen serum and moisturiser.


  • Use Tailor Oil Cleanse with a cotton pad to remove any residual eye make up.
  • Follow with Tailor Polish 2-4 times per week.
  • Apply a couple drops of Tailor Oil Cleanse to the face and neck after cleansing as a moisturiser.
  • Apply a small amount over fresh ink as a natural tattoo care solution.


Helianthus Annus (sunflower seed) oil, Corylus Avellana (NZ hazelnut) oil, Cocos Nucifera (organic coconut) oil, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Kunzea Ericoides (NZ kanuka) essential oil and Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary flower) extract.

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  1. lillian.kidd

    I was sceptical about using an oil cleanser but had only heard good things about Tailor oil cleanse and other products. I’ve been using this almost two weeks and can see an improvement in my skin already spots and blemishes aren’t so red and over all my face feels softer and smoother. The products smell lovely and I now look forward to my morning and evening ritual that is taking care of my skin!

  2. Whitney

    I’ve just started using Tailor and OMG my skin feels amazing!! I’ve always been scared to use an oil cleanser as my skin is quite oily but WOW it works so well and feels great. I’m addicted! So happy.

  3. Rebecca

    I’m amazed at how easily this removes all my mascara (doesn’t leave any!) and leaves my whole face feeling smooth, hydrated and clean. I have combination oily/dry skin in patches and this has made my face much more even and less prone to break outs. So happy a friend recommended this product as it is incredible – would recommend to all. It also smells delicious. Can’t wait to try some other Tailor products.

  4. Christina

    I’ve been using this product daily for over a year now and its incredible. Removes makeup so easily and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Also a little goes a long way so a bottle lasts a long time. Absolute one and only makeup remover I will ever use, obsessed <3

  5. Kirsty

    Amazing! I’m so impressed. About 2 weeks of using and my skin is already glowing! I’m using the whole kit. Removes all make up (even mascara) so easily! Would recommend to everyone.

  6. Fatima Seu

    i use to have really bad white heads and since using tailor oil cleanse theyve reduced so much sometimes even gone. looking forward to using more products

  7. Ekta

    I’m one of those unfortunate people with not so blessed skin. Because of all the harsh topical creams, cleansers and skin thinning pills I’ve had to try to try fix these issues, my skins become ridiculously sensitive to any kind of product.
    Which in a way I’m thankful about, because drug store cosmetics are a no go zone.

    After a few months of being exposed to the benefits of Tailor Skincare, I could no longer resist. So I purchased the minis pack to trial! I would strongly recommend the entire range, but I’ll limit this review purely to the Oil Cleanse, and include the others on the other product listings.

    Firstly, it does exactly what it says. It removes all my make up, from my foundation, thick concealer, to my waterproof mascara without any hesitation. Just in case this aspect of the product wasn’t a winner, it leaves your skin feeling very hydrated, and not greasy, which could be of concern for people like me who tend to break out. I’ve not gotten any breakouts after using it, in fact its helped reduce my aggressive acne, in combination with the Dry Cleanse and Hydrate. Read any forum, talk to anyone and you’ll know that the 3 step process is fundamental, and Tailor has definitely nailed it!
    This skincare range is perfect, and what makes it even better is the Tailor Skincare team sources NZ ingredients!
    P.S It smells amazing! Thanks so much for an amazing product!

  8. Alice

    What is oil cleansing?

    If you haven’t jumped on the oil cleansing buzz, your life is about to change. Oil cleansing is the process of using oil (instead of soap or cleanser) to dissolve and remove dirt. Based on the premise that like substances dissolves like, the oils in Tailor Oil Cleanse essentially dissolve the oils in your makeup and other build-up from the skin and pores, ready for you to wipe from the surface.

    Tailor Oil Cleanse

    Oil Cleanse is formulated with antioxidant rich, cold pressed New Zealand grown hazelnut oil and organic coconut oil. The coconut oil gives it a comforting scent of coconut cookies – yum! To use, massage 2-3 pumps of Oil Cleanse into the skin, let the oil sit for 30 seconds, and use a warm pre-moistened washcloth to gently wipe the oil away.
    I did find the biggest adjustment was switching to regularly using washcloths and cleansing at the basin (rather than doing a 2-in-1 shower job). Not to mention the additional laundry! But splashing water on your face won’t rinse the oil off. However once I got used to the routine, I found there was something luxurious about taking time at the start and end of each day to cleanse and nurture your skin.

    Why am I a fan?

    Tailor Oil Cleanse is so powerful that it removes even the most stubborn eye makeup – including my lashes that are coated daily with three different products (including waterproof mascara). I have had salon facialists struggle to remove my lash products – no joke.
    Despite being a powerhouse, Tailor Oil Cleanse will also leave your skin feeling clean, clear, fresh and balanced, without stripping the skin of its natural protective layer. You won’t get the usual post cleanse tightness with this product – this doesn’t mean your skin isn’t clean. Moreover, Oil Cleanse really is tailor made for everyone: my little sister has dry flaky skin and has suffered from eczema her whole life whereas I have always had combination oily skin. Tailor Oil Cleanse works wonders on both our opposing skin types.
    See the whole review, originally posted on Oh Natural, here:

  9. Crystal

    I was introduced to Tailor via Millie Holmes blog – I purchased the minis promo pack to see how my skin took it as I have mild acne teamed with sensitive skin.
    After using it for the first time I was in heaven! I had never used anything like the Oil cleanse before in my life and it felt a little odd at first but once I had done my first cleanse I was hooked. Its not greasy at all which is what you’d typically expect.
    It removes makeup in such a gentle way and it really does remove ALL traces of makeup. I cannot see myself ever using another cleanse! I absolutely love the Oil Cleanse. I have recommended it to a heap of my friends who all love it as well.

  10. Caroline Love

    Love Tailor products , have been using for around a year. My favourite products are the oil Cleanse and the masque. Love the natural ingredients and the results are amazing !!! Highly recommend.

  11. Mikaela Maree Hartley Dornbusch

    I got the oil cleanser to remove my make up and I’ve never used anything like this!!! Usually my skin feels sticky and disgusting when I take make up off and I’ve tried a few different products but this is the only one that has left my skin feeling soft, smooth and amazing!!! I’m definitely sticking with this range and I can’t wait to try the other products.

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