How To Determine Your Skin Type

Your skin type is on the spectrum between a very oily to a very dry, with combination and normal skin sitting in between. What's your skin type?

Follow these three easy steps to determine your skin type.

  1. Cleanse your face before bed.

  2. Leave your skin bare without moisturising or adding any other product to it.

  3. In the morning analyse your T Zone and C Zones. Your T Zone is the skin on your forehead, nose and chin. Your C Zone is the skin on your cheeks and surrounding your T Zone. Are they oily and shiny or dry and flaky? Is your skin red or normal? Does your skin feel tight or comfortable?

Oily Skin Is Characterised By: An oily T Zone and C Zone which appears shiny in nature. The skin should feel comfortable not tight.
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Dry Skin is Characterised By: A dry T Zone and C Zone which may appear flaky in nature. The skin may also feel tight and can be red in appearance.
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Combination Skin is Characterised By: both oily and dry skin, the most common is pattern an oily T Zone with a Dry C Zone.
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Normal Skin is Characterised By: neither oily or dry T and C Zones. Skin does not appear flaky or shiny and is not red in complexion. If you have this skin type consider yourself one lucky individual!


It’s important to remember that your skin type may change over time and is most commonly affected by: Health, age, hormones, diet, smoking, pollution and seasonal changes in weather.

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